Io sono americana, ma sono italiana nel mio cuore. (I am American, but I am Italian in my heart.) Benvenuto! Welcome to My Heart is Italian. This is my journey to follow my heart and become more Italian.

Italian Goal Setting

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Today I set some new goals for my Italian learning with my awesome friend Cher. My Italian learning has stalled out a bit (again) and there is nothing better than a good goal setting session with a friend that you have Continue Reading

Italian Alphabet


Monday night in Italian class it was painfully obvious that I need to review the Italian alphabet. Every time our instructor spelled a word I must have had the most confused look on my face. I mean really, do I need to Continue Reading

Making Pasta in Italy!

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What could be better than making pasta in Italy?!?! Well, eating it was pretty awesome....but we had so much fun in the kitchen with Alfredo. **Side note: If you visit Spoleto the Palazzo Dragoni is THE place to Continue Reading

Compleanno = Birthday


This week was my birthday. Questa settimana e stato il mio compleanno. compleanno = birthday com·ple·àn·no celebrazione = celebration ce·le·bra·zió·ney vecchio = old vèc·keyo Quando è il tuo Continue Reading